Welcome to one of the richest sites on human development and wellness on the Internet! It has been said that conventional healthcare today utilizes less than 14% of the current research knowledge base. Consequently, countless individuals are prescribed too much medication, endure far too many surgeries, and to top it all off, are subjected to endless tests that, in and of themselves, can create new problems they didn’t have going in! If you really want to break out of the game of being “ever treated, but never healing”, you came to the Right Place.  

Ongoing research shows that the “best doctor in the house” is sitting right inside every cell of your body. That doctor is actually a Relay Team of sorts, reading DNA blueprints, generating unbelievable ATP energy that heals and maintains, and calling upon a host of proteins, amino acids, enzymes, adult stem cells, and much, much more to get the job done. Hence, there are few Chronic Conditions or Developmental Disorders that cannot be overcome to quite a significant degree—including, neuropathies, inflammatory and metabolic diseases, bone and cartilage loss, compromised immunology, accumulated injuries, ongoing subclinical infections, as well as developmental delays and learning disorders—if only the underlying causes were addressed. Conversely, if all we do is address symptoms, well, we might as well plan on giving up: wellness is not down that myopic road.   

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Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)
Managing Director, DigiCare® Behavioral Research