Acidosis: Bane of Modern Society



If we want to find the missing clue to the majority of conventional treatments today, it is in a lack of recognition that life operates within a very narrow, well-defined chemical range. Yet, sick individuals routinely deviate widely from the ideal pH 7.35-7.45. At pH 7.35-7.45 (the ideal range for human health and homeostasis), in the long-term we do not see diabetes mellitus, cancer, and inflammatory disease. As one can see by the nearby chart, the lower the body's pH the more chronic (and acute!) disease they encounter. No treatment can truly overcome these diseases without nurturing the body's pH back to 7.4. Some conditions, such as diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMII) and other metabolic diseases are primarily pH-based conditions. By focusing on insulin (which causes weight gain via hyperinsulinemia), instead of on pH, most DMII sufferers will never overcome the disease. It is entirely arguable that up to 95% of DMII could be reversed if pH was put front and center in one's treatment plan. The same could be said of most cancers, which only thrive in acidic environments. Raise the pH to 7.4 and tumors shrink--why this known fact is so hidden from public view is puzzling. Note that throughout this and other publications by this author that pH takes center stage in achieving good health. Note: Se How to Raise Your Body's pH & Overcome Chronic Disease for a more complete treatment of this topic.

Hyperinsulinemia- another important term that should permeate good advice on health matters, Hyperinsulinemia, is not only a key component of DMII, but also is arguably the main driver behind America's weight gain, overall. For while insulin is being secreted into the blood stream, no one can burn the excess fat in their body! But turn the insulin off, and glucogen is secrete, and the excessive fat burns at an incredible rate! Quantity of calories is not nearly as important here as quality of calories-- hence, calories that spike blood sugar cause weight gain, while calories that burn slowly inspire secretion of fat-burning glucogen. Once we begin to understand these immutable facts, we can put away the guilt trips and start shedding all those inflamed, excessively fat-laden cells that were clearly not meant to be there in the first place! Dr. Barry Sears, in his highly acclaimed Zone Diet books, covers this topic with a great deal more depth. Also, further into this publication, in the section on overcoming DMII and obesity, will show the integral role that the rarely-discussed hyperinsulinemia plays in both of these chronic health conditions.

Ions are the life in our foods. Until the 1980s, the vast majority of our food still featured live ions, the life-giving genetic energy that makes our bodies welcome the food we eat. Today, less than 15% of our ready food supply has live ions. Our children, as a rule, go weeks at a time without eating anything with ions. What an avoidable tragedy for this upcoming generation! Now, I will explain how ions work in the body. The human body is negatively charged.

Negative ions give us strength, positive ions weaken us. Calcium, for instance, with negative ions build our bones through the action of osteoblasts and will not under any circumstances make deposits on our blood vessels or joints, and especially will not deposit on the outside of bones. Pace-makers, for example, are implanted in people who lack calcium ions and who also suffer from the long-term arterial deposits of dead (inert) calcium along the arterial walls (atherosclerosis). Hence, this is a parallel development to diabetes and atherosclerosis, because today's commercial food supply (particularly dairy products, which are over-pasteurized) lack the live ions to supply the electrical potential to the heart and other muscles, and to prevent the plaques from building up on the arterial walls. That is one of the reasons MCHC (see nutrition list at the end of this publication) is so valuable. It brings live negative ions from specialized bone meal, makes the heart spark stronger, shares its charge with deposited dead calcium throughout the body, and reverses osteoporosis---but one must stop all dead calcium supplements. There is so much to the ion issue, that suffice to say, when a storm comes roaring in or a microwaved dinner is served or one stands beside an electrical motor, the charged positive ions weaken bodies, inflammation ensues, and low pH is the health-destroying result. After the storm has arrived and turned to gentle rain, a nutritious slow-cooked meal is served, or we are around life-giving plants, our bodies are made stronger, inflammation is reduced, oxygen levels rise, as does pH, and we become nourished and healthy--because of an abundance of negatively charged ions in each of these scenarios. These associations, all based on the ionic dimension, can be powerful in our lives, whether the need to shrink tumors, overcome diabetes type 2, or to rebuild the body of bone and cartilage.

Amino Acid Chains- As one can see from the illustration below, when food comes from organic sources and cooked without microwaving, it gives us an abundance of amino acids. These are the building blocks of our hormones that determine how we respond to our environment, how we feel, how we get stronger when faced with stressors. Processed foods do the opposite. In fact, processed nutrients, medications, and synthetic vitamins cause inflammatory responses and are toxins to the body until they are made otherwise by the body giving up amino acids. The chart below shows that when we go the
processed route for most of our diet, we lose the hormones serotonin (that controls our mood and gets oxygen to the muscles under stress), melatonin (that controls our sleep-wake cycle for restorative sleep), and dopamine (that providesmotor control and mitigation of pain), among losses of other precursors and hormones. Knowing this, we will minimize in our diets that which has been processed and maximize that which is closer to nature and as close to its natural form as possible. Remember, amino acids are the building blocks of life, and are what make food and anything else we put into our bodyuseful and life-giving. Don't microwave out the amino acids!

Citric Acid Cycle and Protease Enzymes These critical terms are lumped together here, because they are part of the same process. But it is essential that any health publication you read involves this vital aspect of human health or you are wasting your time and money. For the citric acid cycle (aka Krebs' cycle) is what makes life self-perpetuating. Yet we have today a food industry, a healthcare system, and consumer education totally devoid of its existence.

When the stomach is of sufficiently low pH (pH 1.0-2.0, no higher than 3.0), food clears the stomach within 20-25 minutes, fats are broken down into smaller ionically-repelling sizes (meaning they will not clump together), and proteins are digested, with the excess dissolved into harmless components. Otherwise, we have acid reflux, indigestion, anemia, and myriad nutritional deficiencies. Medications only make this worse, especially the terrible acid reflux meds (which shut down production of badly needed acids) and statin drugs (which tear down muscle as well as fats, and render the liver unhealthy).