ADHD & Heavy Metals in Children


ADHD& Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity is a major underlying cause in cases of learning disabilities, but rarely is it considered in assessing learning disabilities, partly because of fear in assigning blame. But in truth, if there is even a slight possibility that heavy metals are slowing your child's development, you should ask your doctor to chelate your child's system to be sure that heavy metals (which are rising in the population) will not delay or blunt their neurological, cognitive, and physical development. Heavy metals store in the body of children and adults insidiously, and wreak havoc on their neurological and endocrine systems. They stunt growth, cause mental health problems, mental retardation, and can make food sensitivities so acute that your child can be adversely affected by the very food you are feeding them. So, let's get it out of our system now about assigning blame or sued or calling anyone to task. There are just too many sources, though it is agreed that these need to minimized wherever possible. We as parents are responsible, too. So, the focus instead should be to cover all bases for the sake of the child. Removing such toxins can make it possible for even the slowest child to resume development (all other factors equal).

Children while being carried in their mother's or who were raised near industrial areas have been exposed to all kinds of heavy metal and chemical assaults--lead, mercury, and deadly chemicals chief among them. But even children raised in small towns or in the country (hidden problems with drinking water), inner cities (long list of exposure here), suburbs (mother's amalgam fillings, removed or not; the lead in her lipstick and cosmetics; paint on the window sills and lead in toys; certain household cleaners; mercury in fish from the frozen food section; iron overload from the infant formulae; the list goes on) are at risk, as well. So you see, a "perfect storm", where a child with compromised immunology meets a heavy metal or chemical assault, is exposure to everyday life, can happen in just about any locale or life setting. Such is too unpredictable, nor can all risks be avoided. But at least we as a society can be honest about it. Heavy metals are too often an underlying cause that needs addressed in many children.

Here is a comprehensive checklist of things you can do NOW to get your child on the road of recovery:

• Chelate your child for heavy metals over a 90-day period with CardioFlow, one of the safest, most gentle forms of EDTA chelation on the market (See list at the end of this chapter).
• Rebuild your child's myelin and glial cells with sublingual Methyl B-12 with folic acid over a 60 day period (see list)
• Give your child's bone and teeth development a boost with calcium ions that are best obtained from MCHC (see list)
• Help your child's cartilaginous development with live cartilage cells from the homeopathic supplement CM Plus (see list)
• 300 mg. EPA-DHA should be taken daily to assure Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet
• Consider SAMe for transitioning off polypharmacy
Q-Gel to help mitigate heart damage from past or present ADHD psychostimulant use (see nutrition list) heart muscle damage is suspected (see nutrition list)
• Consider obtaining an alkaline water system for your drinking water (see pH book for details) • Newborn infants are best breastfed. The advantages of breastfeeding for overcoming a host of immunological challenges over bottle feeding are clear, with the breastfed kids obtaining the highest cognitive scores
No more microwaving of your children's food--instead, steam vegetables, convection cooking (which is 80% as fast as microwaving). Assure children receive live food every day.
• Assure a high-protein breakfast before school
• Try to buy organic fruits, grains, vegetables, meats, and dairy products where possible--avoid foods with growth hormones!
• Replace white sugar with organic honey, brown sugar
Avoid artificial sweeteners, especially Aspartame and Saccharin in any form (Stevia in natural form is OK)
Rid your home of caffeine and make others aware that they are NOT to give your children any drinks with caffeine--so-called energy drinks are out! (See chapter on caffeine--it is loaded with powerful evidence that you are doing the right thing--for you and your family, buck the caffeine trend!)

STARTING TODAY, by following the above, you should begin to see dramatic and positive changes in the health and behavior of your children over a period of 3-4 months. In research, we see dramatic changes in cognitive and behavioral performance in every child whose parent institutes the above. Certainly, there are no risks in doing so, and this author's opinion is that the reason this is not done routinely today--now that we have such safe, gentle tools--is out of a pervasive unawareness throughout the medical field, or vested interests that are concerned your child will actually become healthy, or, worse yet, someone's ego stands in the way. For our kids, we are left without excuses. It is hoped you will carefully consider the principles explained in the author's How Raise Your Body's pH & Overcome Chronic Disease, and How to Get Your Health Back & Take Ownership of Your Life. Even these, while providing invaluable information, are not complete as it applies to this topic.

Today, the knowledge base of mankind on these topics is doubling about every decade or less --and much that is learned is done in hindsight. So, what is discussed here is for educational purposes only--a discussion of considerations so that we can get on with our lives, look at best options for our children, and let the Great Healer that resides inside everybody do the rest.

Exploring Causes of Toxicity

Today's allopathic medicine approach has all but thrown causal factors under the bus in favor of symptomology. A medication for each symptom and pretty soon we find a pathology (medication-induced, no less). Delayed mental development is not a disease. It is a symptom of underlying causes. Chief among these and least looked at is drug and/or alcohol use by mother (and father, to a lesser extent). heavy metal toxicity. This is closely followed by tobacco use by mothers. The stress these horrible assaults on the developing fetus is well-known, but rarely talked about.

Another underlying cause is medication given to mother while carrying the child, often that used right at the birth event itself. If the baby is already healthy at the time of birth, they can usually shake off the neurological fog that occurs at birth over intervening weeks. However, if that same stressed baby is a male and he is rushed in the County Health Department for his MMR vaccinations within the first six weeks, there exists a good chance that he may develop Asperger's or high function autistic traits (or rather not develop the Corpus Collosum). Boys that are stressed at birth or while still a fetus may not have the immunological strength to withstand the powerful adjuvants of these vaccines. Here's a controversy you need to know about: Entire parental organizations have formed over the issue of the mercury additive in the MMR vaccine regimen and its role in causing autistic spectrum disorders. There is a significant anecdotal evidence that this is the case. It could not be mere coincidence that a sudden and large rise in autism just appeared unrelated to universal promotion of the new MMR during the early 1970s. About 90% of those cases were male infants. Male infant mortality is much higher than female infant mortality (see chart below). However, research of this nature is expensive to conduct, so it has had to be conducted by those whose interests it was not to find a connection. But the adjuvant coupled with a infant with compromised immunology still appears to be the "perfect storm" connection.

This is one of the reasons we feel that parents should hold off having the MMR battery until they are sure the baby's immune system is strong enough to handle it.

This philosophy is a far cry from those who would dispense with vaccines altogether--such is not being proposed here, just not until the child's immunology is strong enough to handle it. Our society has made many misguided judgments in public health policy--where do I begin with this? The shape of the current adulterated food supply is a good place to start, but also allowable levels of heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other additives to drinking water is another. In a bell curve of the population, there are always outliers who will find these trace levels of heavy metals and poisonous chemicals harmful.

Other conditions that develop as a result of mercury poisoning are terrible (i.e., autism spectrum, acrodynia (pink disease), Hunter-Russell Syndrome, Minimata disease, ataxia, slowed speech, hearing and speech problems, the list is endless). Homes in industrial areas or where mercury and related metals are utilized are particularly exposed to mercury risk. Again, such require--but rarely receive--chelation therapy and myelin/glial cell rebuild with sublingual methyl B-12 with folic acid. Three months of this, could allow the child's neurological system to heal over time and continue development. So many sources exist that can expose a child to mercury, including the amalgam that was removed in mother's teeth and which the 60% mercury might have been released all at once into her body, exposing a developing fetus to toxic levels.

Lead is a neurological crippler in the first order, but more insidious and gradual in its effects over time, than the fast-acting mercury. It interferes with the child's neurological development and can cause mental retardation, autism, and a host of neurological and neuropathy problems, manifesting both physically and in behaviors. While new building and consumer product safety codes have reduced the amount of lead in paint, lead is still pervasive in some areas, particularly in industrialized regions. Some water supplies still show unacceptable levels for children and adults.

Many homes still have old lead-based paint. Some lead is passed on from Mother to child, as many women have high amounts of lead in their system, especially that which accumulated from the days that leaded gasoline was used in vehicles (many foreign countries, such as Mexico, still use leaded fuels). In all cases, it is advised for cases of suspected lead accumulations, to receive chelation therapy (see CardioFlow in the chart at the end of this chapter). Sources range so wide as to include firearms ammunition, fishing sinkers, metal alloys containing lead, many toys, cheap silver and pewter jewelry that get into children's hands or mouths. Keep in mind that one of the problems with lead is that it accumulates over years and stores in the body, wreaking neuropathies that are often considered idiopathic. For a personal inventory of heavy metal exposure, see the back section of the author's pH book.

Other prominent heavy metals that harm children's development, even in minute quantities in the case of challenged immune systems, are arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, aluminum. So many products contain these and other heavy and dangerous elements, too numerous to name here. Neuropathies, delayed development, and a host of subclinical effects result. Why not chelate your child just to be sure to remove all possible causes and contributors? You may be surprised to find that from that point forward they begin to develop and, over time, "heal" from their neuropathy or abnormality (all other factors being equal)?

When a pregnant mother's life is saved--be it via powerful antibiotics, treatment for toxicity, or narcotics to dull excruciating pain, or shock--during the child-bearing experience, there is always the risk of a child becoming developmentally delayed. Post-traumatic syndrome and other assaults on Mother's well-being can have an effect on the baby. Genetics, that bogey-man everyone would like to blame, is perhaps an 8-14% contributor, but very rarely would be the main cause of a major disorder. Studies show that families who live near steel mills (lead, sulfur gases), oil refineries (petrochemicals galore), electrical generation stations (massive positive ion assaults), and other heavy industrial areas, have more children with these difficulties. Today, we have a rising tide of babies being born to mothers that are addicted to drugs. The list of reasons are endless.

Let's consider for a moment food toxins that are unsafe for children, such as monosodium glutamate, a microcrystalline form of sodium that interferes with equilibrium and coordination. It is added to many foods as a competitive factor in the taste wars. It is laden into processed and microwave dinners. Many brand name restaurants add it routinely to their foods (i.e., Marie Calendar's Pies). Avoid it like the plague for your children. Red Dye No. 6 has proven toxic to developing bodies. Avoid it for your child. Aspartame (marketed under brand names Sweet n' Low and NutraSweet) are bad for your kids--yet almost every brand of gum is full of it, many diet sodas, and artificially-sweetened candies, etc. Keep it away from your children.

A host of artificial flavorings, preservatives, and flavor enhancers are dangerous for developing bodies--many candies, long-shelf-life pastries, and foods have them. Shield your children from these wherever possible. Caffeine has been put into so many drinks and products by conspiring men whose motive is profit off ruining the health of your child. Caffeine is so bad for kids (and adults, too!) that the author has devoted an entire chapter to the topic (see the next chapter). Caffeine has caused more misdiagnosis for ADHD than one can imagine. Remove it from your home--I know, others in the family may fight it, but if they truly care about the child who is trying to heal and develop and overcome their learning disability, addictions must be overcome by the entire household.

Iron overload is treacherously toxic for boys, which is one of the reasons--besides the fact that it is does overcome anemia, anyway--I caution all parents on the use of iron-fortified infant formulae. In fact, synthetic vitamins in a body that has been stressed are a toxin, for they must reassemble the missing amino acid chains before the synthetic nutrient can be accepted by the body. Stay with natural vitamins, and remember that live, unadulterated, organic food is the best vitamin for you and your children.