Overcoming Acid Reflux


Your Body’s Cellular pH:

Key to Health & Healing

Max Stanley Chartrand. Ph.D.
(Behavioral Medicine)


Introduction: Today, the most difficult task for anyone wishing to overcome chronic disease is to raise their cellular acid-alkaline balance to pH 7.45. When they succeed in doing so, tumors shrink (if they have them), blood pressure returns to normal (if it is high), diabetes type 2 resolves (if they have it), neuropathies heal, arthritis stops in its track, and—all other factors equal—they heal of most maladies plaquing mod-ern men and women. We know of no other single biomarker that is as universally powerful when it is held at pH 7.45 over a long period of time. Yet, this well established fact is virtually ignored by most health profes-sionals and consumers alike. Look at the chart below—it shows in very broad terms what has transpired in the general population over the past 40 years relative to pH levels and the corresponding chronic diseases that have developed to pandemic levels—diabetes growing by a factor of 13 times, cardiovascular by 17 times, and cancer of all kinds to an incidence level of 25 times compared to levels at 1970! Knowing this, you’d think we would all be clambering for that all important pH 7.45—-so let’s start with YOU and see what can be done!

But How Do I Check My Cellular pH?

Good question. Blood tests will not give it. Saliva tests are iffy at best, even more so with hair analysis. Urine tests, over a period of 30 days held at the pH 7.0 level should translate into cellular pH 7.45. But that’s a lot of work and hard to do. In this researcher’s opinion there are only two ways to be absolutely sure of one’s cellular pH:

  • pH Basic Biopsy on the spot at the lab, extremely high costs, but who wants to do that every time they want to check their cellular pH?
  • Video Otoscopy Biomarker Assessment, which we have found accurate within one/tenth of a step as well as consistent, quick, and—something unusual in today’s mega-buck system—very low cost.

Obviously, we prefer the Video Otoscopy Method, for all the reasons just mentioned. Most adults today measure at 7.0 pH or lower where pre-diabetes, diabetes, gout, hypertension, hypothyroidism, arthritis, osteo-porosis, high blood lipids, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, neuropathies, and cancer occur. Yes, that describes the average American adult today, the most medicated people in the world. Today, we spend more than 20% of GDP on healthcare and increasing fast, and what do we have to show for it? The highest rates of chronic disease in the world!

OK, But How Do I Raise My pH?

Now that we know what pH has to do with health—goes down, creates chronic conditions; goes up, resolves chronic conditions—we come to the oft asked question of what to do to achieve it. A word of caution is in order: there are fads out there that can raise pH too high, believe it or not. You require betaine hydrochloric acid, citric acid, and other acid compounds to digest food and to achieve food-to-nutrition synthesis. The acid-alkaline balance of your body is self-adjusting and relies heavi-ly upon the citric acid cycle of every cell in the body. The imbalances and interruptions in the citric acid cycle bring various states of disease.

SIRCLE® programs are designed specifically to help you achieve 7.4 cellular pH. Though the process is simple and straightforward, it is goes mightily against the grain of conventional wisdom, and requires lifestyle and nutrition improvements on your part, as well as participation in SIR-CLE®’s specially designed treatment programs. Following is a brief, generalized listing of steps to help you achieve your health goals:

1) Avoid microwaved food, Canola Oil, Aspertame, MSG, and bright colored food dyes, and (where possible) avoid/minimize caffeine, high fructose, and unnecessary medications, synthetic vitamins, white flour products, and aluminum containing antiperspirants. Use convection, grilling, steaming, stove top, and baking. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, more fresh fruits and vegetables, and less meat.

2) Drink ionized alkaline water at Level 3 or 4 to rehydrate your body, and avoid tap water at all costs.

3) Take SIRCLE®’s recommended targeted organic nutrition and chelat-ing compounds, and stop all outside nutrition as directed. With your doctor’s help you may wean off medications as biomarkers return to normal. Be sure and check your blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. as needed. Never make a change of medications you’re not sure about. Know your medications and their side/interaction/withdrawal effects.

4) Resolve all infections, tooth problems, and unhealed injuries as di-rected (these keep the body burdened with CO2, acid and a cascade of pro-inflammatory cytokines—low pH, in a word!). Take advantage of SIRCLE®’s Treatment Packages AromaTouch® and Deep Cold Laser Therapy, and Medical Massage/Deep Cold Laser Therapy. Most programs are 12-weeks at low cost with longer-term follow-up packages to maintain what has been achieved.

5) SIRCLE® Occupational Therapy, BMI exercise, & other therapies and benefits are also there for further optimal health.

6) Finally, as a SIRCLE® recipient you are entitled to the resources of our research arm, DigiCare® Behavioral Research. Special cases are researched at low/no cost if they are active recipients of SIRCLE® treatment programs.

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