Citric Acid Cycle & Protease Enzymes


Citric Acid Cycle

The citric acid cycle (aka Krebs' cycle) is what makes life self-perpetuating. Yet we have today a food industry, a healthcare system, and consumer education totally devoid of its existence.

When the stomach is of sufficiently low pH (pH 1.0-2.0, no higher than 3.0), food clears the stomach within 20-25 minutes, fats are broken down into smaller ionically-repelling sizes (meaning they will not clump together), and proteins are digested, with the excess dissolved into harmless components. Otherwise, we have acid reflux, indigestion, anemia, and myriad nutritional deficiencies. Medications only make this worse, especially the terrible acid reflux meds (which shut down production of badly needed acids) and statin drugs (which tear down muscle as well as fats, and render the liver unhealthy).