Overcoming Diabetes Mellitus & Borderline Diabetes


Overcoming Diabetes Mellitus & Borderline Diabetes

Max Stanley Chartrand. Ph.D. DigiCare® Behavioral Research

As a Behavioral Medicine Consultant I’ve long been concerned about the skyrocketing rates of diabetes and pre- diabetes in the United States, growing 13 times per capita since 1970. Here we will address the reasons this is happening and how these trends may be reversed. Indeed, more than 90% of cases can be reversed, if one is willing to take charge and actually make the changes required to make it happen.

As will be explained in greater detail later, reversal of diabetic behaviors would require, at the least, a marked change of diet (comprising at least 50% fresh fruits/vegetables), refraining from eating GMO high fructose corn syrup, stopping all microwaving of foods, and avoiding where possible other offenders that dominate the American food supply (Aspartame, MSG, Bromides, Canola Oil, etc.). Other factors that are also important are to resolve sepsis and subclinical infections in the body (teeth, ears, around prosthetic joints), nonsurgical repair of past injuries, and oral chelation of heavy metals and arterial plaques.

Getting to root causes of conditions like high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, and other biomarkers without prescription drugs is also necessary, for most of the associated medications actually cause or exacerbate diabetes and weight gain! Assuring appropriate exercise and weight loss (if needed) are part of that which will help one overcome developing diabetes.

The over-arching biomarkers that have more to do with the ability to restore normal metabolic processes is in achieving a cellular pH 7.45 (via the Kreb’s Cycle) and blood oxygen at 99% (per the glycolysis cycle). At the least, getting one’s cellular pH to 7.45 and A1CHg score (a measure of hemoglobin) below 6.0 can be a daunting task! See the chart “Cellular pH vs Chronic Disease” to the left to get an idea of the relationship between human disease and cellular pH— these are strong correlations! Cellular pH cannot easily be determined from blood pH, nor from urine, saliva, or hair, contrary to some opinions.

To-date, only Video Otoscopy Biomarker Assessment, as developed by the author and colleagues over nearly four decades of research and development, has shown to be a reliable and low cost way to assess one’s long-term cellular pH level (aka acidalkaline balance per the Kreb’s cycle). Biopsy, needless to say, is exorbitant in cost and requires one to actually be present at the lab at the time of the assay to be accurate.

From the above model titled “The Diabetes Cascade”, one can see the primary chronic conditions that develop concurrently with and/or because of diabetes. For instance, one needs to keep in mind that when insulin is in the bloodstream for more than a short period of time two to three times a day, it nearly always causes one to take on more body fat and muscles begin resisting oxygen, insulin, and glucose simultaneously. This brings muscle wasting!

Common trends that are driving the growing pandemic of diabetes, obesity, CVD, cancer, and related chronic diseases in the US are:

  • A genetically modified, irradiated, synthetically fortified, de-germinated, over-processed, micro-nutrient empty, microwaved diet!
  • A five-fold per capita increase in intake of caffeine, high fructose in particular, and harmful artificial sweeteners since 1980. There are NO safe artificial sweeteners!
  • Sedentary lifestyle in the general population; Phys Ed removed from the public schools in the US with disastrous results!
  • As health declines (i.e., acid reflux, inflammatory disease, hypertension, etc.) most medications used for these conditions can also lead to development of diabetes!
  • Unresolved infections and unhealed injuries that have accumulated and increasingly limit one’s function and health over time.
  • Increased levels of heavy metal & environmental toxicities that weaken mitochondrial DNA, and introduce unneeded metabolic and immunological stressors.

    As examples of some of the little understood (septic) infections that can spike blood sugar and appear to be diabetic when such is not the case, or may cause one who is diabetic to have uncontrollable blood sugar, the author refers readers to the graphic on the next page titled “Tooth Sepsis, Neuropathies, Ingrown Toenails & Prosthetic Joint Infections” . These not only cause blood sugar to go out of control, but also cause inflammation, which contributes to other problems from depression (cortical inflammation), cardiac event (arrhythmias, infarct), and/or stroke (including TIAs). Timely treatment of same is of utmost importance!

    Likewise, the back page of this monograph features another threat that requires video otoscopy for detection: Keratosis Obturans of the External Ear Canal. Keratosis predominate more and more in the diabetic and pre-diabetic population today. Rarely are such recognized by health professionals, instead assuming impacted earwax impaction—but a culture of the bacteria trapped inside will show otherwise!

    Meanwhile, entrenched cottage industries have been built up around each segment of these diseases, from extra hospital ORs, a plethora of unnecessary tests, and overprescribed pharmaceuticals to elaborate marketing campaigns, elaborate investment schemes, and millions of jobs...these, in turn, unwittingly disincentivizes the “business” of healthcare from applying the findings of research that show how these symptomatic syndromes may be resolved by changes in the food supply and better health habits.

    It is also critical to note that despite notions to the contrary, insulin is a crisis hormone and not meant to be secreted 24/7 in the bloodstream as one would be led to believe by the way diabetes is treated today in the US. The current approach has caused unfathomable harm to our population! Every cause of elevated blood sugar needs to be addressed if one hopes to resolve diabetes. To summarize, here is a partial listing of crucial factors to address if one truly wishes to overcome their diabetes:


  • Refrain from microwaving your food, even for warming. Insist the restaurants and other places you at which you eat also avoid microwaving your food.
  • Avoid GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) like the plague—check the labels—learn to use “Stevia in the Raw” with a bit of organic cane sugar to moderate taste.
  • Avoid high caffeine drinks—yes, high caffeine raises blood sugar as well as depletes adrenals and weakens severely immunology! Diet drinks are deadly!
  • Drink adequate filtered water—generally a glass of water every other hour during waking hours, the size of the glass dependent on one’s body weight and activity level.
  • Eat at least 50% of your diet in fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, with as little processed food as possible.
  • Have teeth checked carefully for sepsis under crowns and under fillings, floss daily, and take immaculate care of your teeth. Sepsis can be impossible to find in x-ray!
  • Chelate lead and other heavy metal accumulations from the body with CardioFlow (other attenuated oral chelate); nearly everyone today has significant lead stored in their bones, which generally does not show up in blood tests.
  • Resolve any other subclinical infections (such as inflammation around artificial knees, hips, back, etc.)—these are notorious for causing DMII.
  • Check all prescription medications that contribute to or exacerbating—most hypertension/edema meds, statins, SSRI/SNRI anti-depressants, nerve blocks, pain meds, and acid reflux meds contribute mightily to diabetes. Resolve the underlying cause of the conditions causing these conditions so as not to need to take these and other side-effect laden medications in the long term.
  • Repair any unhealed injuries in your body with an advanced Deep Cold Laser/Adult Stem Cell —old whiplashes, stenosis, spondylitis in neck & shoulders, neuropathy developing in the legs, or a variety of other injury caused conditions that occur over a lifetime.
  • Resolve acid reflux and other digestive issues so that acid reflux medications are no longer needed—these are arguably are among the most harmful medications in the long term, causing bone loss, metabolic imbalances, and other serious disease.
  • Mild pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas), along with troubling digestive conditions arising therefrom (acid reflux, celiac disease, Crohn’s, IBS, to name but a few), can also mimic many of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Bone loss (osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis) results from not enough bicarbonate being secreted by an inflamed pancreas, and cancer, which loves an acid environment, arise in too many cases.

    Look at the chart on Targets below. These are the targets that speak well of a healthy body, one where you “own your health” and are free of drugs and illness. Reach these targets and watch your life get better as you get healthier and happier by the day!