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Academic Performance Negatively Affected in Children Who Watch Too Much Television


Acid/Alkaline Forming Foods: Body pH


Acid-Alkaline pH Chemical Balance


ADHD in the Schools


The Acid Ocean & CO2 Emissions


Acidosis: Bane of Modern Society


Acid Reflex Monograph


ADHD & Common Misdiagnoses


ADHD & Heavy Metals in children


ADHD & Vaccine Adjuvants in children


ADHD: Treating Without Drugs


ADHD: Two Case Studies


Aggression in Children Caused by Television in Early Years


Alzheimers & Hearing Loss


Alzheimer's Disease: A New Paradigm (Seminar Notes)


Alzheimer's Disease: The Economic Toll


Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Reduce Depression, Heart Disease, and Acidosis


Behavioral Nutrition: An Essay


Benign Hyperplasia of the Prostate


Biomarkers of Health


Boys: Their Plight Against All Odds


Brain Regeneration: How Humans Regrow Circuits in the Brain


Caffeine Intoxication


Caffeine & ADHD in Children


Cartilage Rejuvenation


CE 2014 Faculty Update: Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand


Chartrand Story


Chelation Therapy: Why Aren't We Chelating Our Children?


Child Brain Development Harmed By Constant TV Exposure


Children's Neurological Disorders


Chronic Disease vs Acute Disease


Citric Acid Cycle & Protease Enzymes


Citric Acid Cycle: Natural Nutritional Benefits


Cochlear Implants: A Personal Account


Cochlear Implants: A True Story

Cold Laser Therapy: How it Heals


Corpus Collosum & Children's Intelligence


Corpus Collosum & Boys: Why Johnny Can't Read


Coenzyme Q10 and Heart Health: The Spark that Fires up the Heart


Diabetes Reversal: Program Notes;


Diabetes Type 2 : How to Overcome this Very Reversible Malady


Diabetes Mellitus II & Hearing Loss


Diabetes Mellitus II & pH


Digestion: How it Works in Humans


Digestive Disorders


Dyslexia: How to Overcome It


Dyslexia & Musical Skills Development: A winning combination


Ear Canal Mechanoreceptors


EDTA Oral Chelation: How Does it Work?


External Ear Keratin


Fibromyalgia: Rampant Over/Mis-Diagnosis


FDA Red Flags: Video Otoscopy Observation & Referral


Gender Differences in Child Development


Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms


Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?


Health dangers of microwave ovens


Hearing Aids & the Ear Canal


Hearing Aid Wide-Band Technology: Meeting Critical Needs of the Hearing Impaired


Hearing Loss: Chronic Condition


Hearing Loss: Journey of Discovery


Heavy Metals: A Personal Profile


Heavy Metal Toxicity: Its Prevalence & Cure


Heavy Metals: Effects on Children and Adults


High Fructose Corn Syrup: Recipe for Obesity, Heart Disease & Diabetes Type 2  


Helen Keller on Hearing Loss vs Blindness


Honey Bee Loss Affecting Crop Output


Honey Bee Population Decline: A Modern-day Tragedy


Honey Bees: Where Have They Gone?


How to Stop or Soften Ringing in the Ears


Human Aggression: The Neurophysiology Explained


Human Development (Lecture Notes)


Human Immune Systems, the pH Balance Diet. Environmental Wellness


Human Sense of Olfactory & Gustatory: An Essay


Hydration & Good Health


Hyperinsulinemia: Primary Cause of Obesity


Imaging in Cancer Gene & Cell Therapy


Immunology Explained: What Everyone Should Know


Internet Hearing Aids: Bane of Consumer Health


Iodine & Thyroid: Modern Problem in Health Today


Keratin Layer of the Ear Canal: An indispensable marker of health


Lead Poisoning and other Heavy Metals


Lead Poisoning & Tinnitus


Max Stanley Chartrand on the Chemical War Against Our Children


Max Chartrand Opiate Pain Killer Long-term Interference with Healing Process


Max Stanley Chartrand : 2014 CE Faculty Update


Medication Damage to the Liver


Meniere's Disease: A Reader's Question


Microwave Cooking: The Proven Dangers


Microwaving Food & Modern Trends in Chronic Disease


Microwaving Your Food: Formula for Chronic Illness


Mitochondrial Myopathies


Music & Learning Disabilities


Music in the Schools: Wha's Missing from Today's Public Education


Neuropathy Pain: How to Heal Without Harmful Drugs


Nutrition: An Evolutionary Perspective


Nutrition in an Irraditaed, Degermed, Microwaved, Genetically-Modified World


ObamaCare: Why We Must Repeal


Obesity & Diabetes Mellitus Type 2


Obesity & Hyperinsulinemia


One Man's Story: How I Got Back My Life!


Opiate Pain Killers: To Heal or Not to Heal


Overcoming Arthritis Without Half Measures


Overcoming Diabetes Mellitus & Borderline Diabetes


Overcoming Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes Mellitus Type 2


Parent/Child Empowerment Seminar: Program Notes;


pH: Answer to a Reader's Question


pH Balance: Becoming Healthy Now


pH (Cellular) Monograph


pH: Key to Good Health


Pharmacology's Assault on Good Health


Phonemic Regression: Why it takes time to relearn forgotten sounds


Polypharmacy Q&A


Prostate Hyperplasia: The Natural Solution


Prostate Seminar Glossary


Proving Good Nutrition vs Drug Trials


Psychology of Hearing Impairment


Questions & Answers: Dear Dr. Chartrand


Q-Tips: What's Wrong with Using Them in the Ears?


Right/Left Brains & Human Auditory Perception


Saving Our Boys from the Follies of Modern Society


SIRCLE Method: Five Good Reasons


Skin Mechanoreceptor Physiology: A Review


Sleep for Restorative Health Benefits


SSRI Antidepressant Side Effect Profile


Sugar Addiction


Synthetic fortification of food


Television impact on child development


The Power of Music: Musical Practice & Brain Development


Tinnitus & High Frequency Hearing Loss


Tinnitus: A Biomarkers Case Study


Tinnitus Monograph: How to Soften or Eliminate Ringing of the Ears


Tinnitus: Multimodal Management


Tinnitus: Multimodal Tinnitus Management (MTM) Patient Prospectus


Tinnitus Patient Profile Form (for MTM Program)


Tuning Fork Testing: Journey with Indiana Jones in this Lost Art


Understanding Adult Stem Cells


Understanding Bone Loss


Understanding Breathing Disorders


Underlying Causes of all Chronic Disease: There Are Only Seven of Them!


Understanding Hearing Loss Effects on Human Health


Understanding Neuropathy


Video Otoscopy: Biomarkers


Video Otoscopy: Neuroreflexes


Weight Gain: Drugs that Cause it


Yeasts in the Ears