Health dangers of microwave ovens


By Dasa Suciu

October 17, 2009

Every microwave oven produces micro wavelength radiation at about 2450 Mega Hertz (MHz) or 2.45 Giga Hertz (GHz) in a magnetron where electrons move under the influence of electromagnetic fields. Microwaves represent a very rapid and convenient way of preparing and heating food in comparison with other common ways. It seems even to be the ideal way for persons in lack of time and always in a hurry. These advantages were shadowed by the alarming news that microwaves may be dangerous to our health. It seems to be true if you don't take notice of certain rules and warnings when using it.

A FDA statement announced that food prepared in microwave oven preserves a greater quantity of vitamins and minerals as it stays at high temperature a shorter period than other ways of preparation. A study of a university in Madrid showed that microwave preparation is similar to grilling in that vegetables prepared by microwaves preserve a greater quantity of antioxidants than in case of boiling or frying. A main concern was that food prepared in the microwave oven is not well done in the interior and this may cause certain bacteria to survive. In addition, exposure of humans to microwave radiation due to leaks from the oven was taken into account.

To avoid the danger of undone food to health there are certain rules to observe:

  • in order to be uniformly heated, put the food in a recipient having a loose cover (not tight);
  • stop the program at the middle to stir the food;
  • use adequate not too high temperatures for cooking, such as almost 70 degrees C for pork and over 70 degrees C for poultry.

On the other hand, some experiments made by two doctors at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology showed that when food is prepared in microwave ovens its nutritional quality is destroyed. Their research results draw special attention to the changes suffered by water when heated in the microwave oven. Many research was also done in Russia that has forbidden microwave ovens in 1976. The results seem alarming: food prepared in microwave ovens is depleted of nutrients and has cancerous substances. Stomach cancer and other health problems such as loss of memory and concentration were observed in people eating food prepared by microwaves.

Many scientists are of the opinion that food prepared in microwave oven is dangerous to health. Do not make preparing food in microwave oven a regular habit as biologists say microwaves changes the natural molecular structure of the food and such changed molecules are received as strangers by our body. They may be toxic and cancerous. Heating food from time to time seems to be not so dangerous to our health as preparing food in microwaves ovens. Dr. Lita Lee wrote the book Health Effects of Microwave Radiation-Microwave Ovens.