Microwaving Your Food: Formula for Chronic Illness


But What's Wrong with MICROWAVING?

Max Stanley Chartrand. Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)

Introduction: Public Health researchers have tried mightily to explain why every category of chronic disease in the US is at epidemic proportions and getting worse by the day. Diabetes Type II (DMII) is up 13 times since the 1970s. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is up 17 times, and cancer of all types are up 25 times! Those of us involved in health research have tracked the guilty culprits to a variety of contributors: Polypharmacy (i.e., multiple prescription medications), chronic micronutrient deficiencies, rising heavy metal accumulations, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and high caffeine intake, and genetically modified, synthetically fortified, irradiated, degerminated food. But the #1 common denominator are the affects created by microwaving today's far inferior food supply. As an illustration: In 1980, only 7% of households had a microwave and DMII was at about 3.4 million; in 1990, when 87% of households had microwave ovens, DMII zoomed to 14 million; in 2000, when virtually 100% of households had a microwave, we had 27 million diabetics. By 2020, 70 million DMII sufferers with another 80+ million pre-diabetic sufferers—cancer will be exploding through the roof!

The Real Dangers of Microwaving Food

The research addressing the safety of microwaving has been sporadic, at best, because governments have prohibited it on the basis that it "interferes with commerce". But that does not mean that microwaving is safe, nor does it not mean the public should not know what has been found so far. Quite the contrary.

This monograph is intended only to introduce readers to some of the more salient reasons why microwaving is not in their best health interest. Keep in mind that effects are usually gradual, cumulative, and take their noticed toll over years and even decades. That's exactly how chronic disease develops, not all at once, but ever so slowly that, like watching the little hand on a clock, it's arrived without us ever seeing it move! (At the end of this paper will be found a listing of resources for further study.)

Research suggests strong associations between microwaved processed foods and the incidence of cancer and diabetes. Increased incidence of stroke, CVD events, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathies, and gout (in adults and increasingly in children) also parallel the practice of microwaving. Likewise, most of the current explosion in delayed children's developmental disorders, including the autism spectrum, dyslexia, and mood and neurological disorders also parallel precisely the insidious changes in food supply and preparation methods.

As Americans' typical diet has devolved from essentially live, organic foods as recent as the 1970s, when chronic disease was a tiny fraction of what it is now, to an almost totally dead diet today, we are finding the population as a whole falling into acidosis state (low cellular pH). Low pH precedes virtually every single chronic and genetic disease known to man. Conversely, sustained cellular pH at 7.35 reverses the same diseases and brings us excellent health and longevity!

First, we know that microwaving destroys and distorts amino acids, the building blocks of life. In one study it was found that some amino acids are converted into their carcinogenic and toxic d-isomer cousins. But the fact is, nothing live survives microwaving, save some dreadful salmonella and e Coli bacteria. This causes your immune system to produce proinflammatory cytokines that bring inflammation and the conditions that come from it. If you are wondering how this affects an otherwise healthy individual, look at your before/after changes in C-reactive protein scores (an inflammatory measure) and A1C scores (a hemoglobin/oxygen measure) in clinical blood tests.

Microwaving food also causes complex carbohydrates to be converted into simpler carbohydrates, which can spike one's blood sugar and secrete too much fat-preserving insulin, while shutting off fatburning glucogen. The result is hyperinsulinemia, arguably the biggest cause of obesity today.

Only synthetic nutrition survives microwaving, as nutrition that is organic soon becomes inorganic. There is also discussion about the violent "shattering" of DNA in the food, and its implications in human health. For certain, the body does not know what to do with the altered DNA and mutated amino acids it encounters regularly in microwaved food.

Because microwaved food must be reconstructed by the body with amino acids and enzymes from one's body, it causes corresponding amino acid depletions in the precursors for serotonin (mood control), melatonin (sleep/wake cycle), and dopamine (motor control and tremor). The interruption in these hormones are increasingly evident in the population, causing pandemic levels of abnormalities, such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and tremor. It is a little known fact, for instance, that serotonin's main role is in food-to-nutrition synthesis and to aid in facilitating glucagon and insulin. The disruption of serotonin, therefore, causes nutritional and metabolic abnormalities, including a rise in sugars being converted into triglcerides in the liver.

This is why SSRI and other anti-depressants can actually cause diabetes and weight gain—since they distort the prominent role of serotonin without rectifying the real underlying causes of disease.

Furthermore, microwaved food requires the body to spend an extra 2-3 hours to digest a meal versus conventionally prepared meals. As mentioned above, that is because the body's immune system suspends the food-to-nutrition synthesis while sorting out what has been ingested. This, in turn, can cause a cascade of acid reflux, interruption of the citric acid cycle, elevated triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Likewise, statin drugs, prescribed for triglyceride/cholesterol issues, also causes diabetes as a prominent side effect in the long term!

This is important: Meat does not actually cook in microwaves. Instead it goes into a kind of "rotting" process through destruction of nucleoproteins, which causes the digested (and undigested) meat proteins to breakdown into cytotoxins and uric acid. Even warming meat in microwaves can be harmful to health. Metal and plastics are often added to packaged microwaved foods to simulate features of conventional cooking. While taste and texture may fool you, it does not fool your immune system.

Likewise, pets become diseased from microwaved foods, developing serious candida yeast and other disorders. It is of grave concern among veterinarian physicians that the feeding of pets the same overprocessed, synthetically fortified, and degerminated microwaved foods that humans eat is a sure way of getting cancer and other life threatening diseases!

Of great concern, also, is that baby formulae and Mother's milk heated in plastic bottles in the microwave is unsafe, but who is advising parents of this fact? Dangerous levels of Bisphenol A (BPAs) found in today's microwaved foods have been linked to cancer, developmental disorders, diabetes, early puberty, and obesity in children.

In addition, blood for human transfusions that has been warmed in microwaves has been implicated in the deaths in recipients. Such procedures have been banned worldwide by healthcare guidelines. This fact alone should raise red flags on the other less recognized but real health effects of microwaved food!

Early studies on direct microwave exposure (i.e., exposure to microwaves emanating from the ovens) have been called "microwave sickness" in the literature. Reported symptoms are: headache, dizziness, eye pain, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, stomach pain, nervous tension, inability to concentrate, hair loss, appendicitis, cataracts, sterility, and cancer.

Chronic and long-lasting symptoms have also been reported variously as adrenal exhaustion, ischemic heart disease, increased cancer cell formation, and long-term digestive disorders. Gradual breakdown of elimination systems in the body occur.

The question arises: How do we start improving our health? Here are a few pearls of wisdom:

° Eat more fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables ?? Steam your cooked vegetables

° Use convection cooking for baking, grilling, etc.

° Use extra virgin olive oil; avoid canola oil

° Always insist that your food not be microwaved

° Reduce or eliminate caffeinated drinks; drink water

° Avoid GMO foods, insist on more organic foods

° Avoid degermed grains, insist on true wholegrains

° Reduce medications as they become unneeded

Observe these and other health guidelines suggested by the SIRCLE® program and watch you and your family become healthy again!

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