Welcome to the Parent Resource

While this is an evolving resource, there are several valuable resources to help parents guide the progress of their child:

Consultation with Dr. Chartrand--simply send a message to Dr. Chartrand that you would like to consult with him about your child and the challenges they may be having. As a member of Parent Resource, you are entitled for the first consultation to be free of charge, either online or in person at his office in Casa Grande, Arizona. After the first one-hour research consultation, you may access Dr. Chartrand at the rate of $89 per hour, which will be arranged through his staff byCONTACTING USor by calling him at (520) 509-6380.

You may click onto Music Room to explore and utilize the resources that will help your child improve their cognitive and spatial functions, as well as behaviors, through development of musical skills.

The Parent Checklists & Forms provided in this section will enable the parent to understand and guide the factors that affect their child's progress, such as nutrition, food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, behaviors, and physical, mental, and social development. Parent Forum members may share questions, experiences, successes, and concerns with other parents and professionals on an ongoing basis.

Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)
DigiCare Behavioral Research
820 West Cottonwood Lane, Suite #6
Casa Grande, AZ 85122