Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is a fantastic state-of-the art program which combines keyboard, computer, and the Internet into an incredible music lesson program. The program encourages sight reading, timing, and technique by challenging the student in a fun way. Each time a piece is played the student receives a score and is able to increase their score as they practice. Piano Marvel capitalizes on the addictive qualities of video gaming to encourage students to practice more effectively and learn the piano more thoroughly.

The concept is working so well students who are using Piano Marvel are learning at a rate of four times faster than the traditional student. Students who used to be bored early on in the learning process are now engaged and want to practice. Teachers have a fantastic tool to encourage, monitor progress, and train more effectively. Piano Marvel also adds incredible benefits with a large free library of printable music and automated practice logs that can be sent to teacher or parent.

Piano Marvel was born as a company in the spring of 2009 after several years of development. The innovative program is such a powerful educational tool it was named as a finalist by Adobe for educational software of the year in 2009. Piano Marvel has recently added beginning lessons for guitar, bass, and drums, all included in the Piano Marvel subscription. All of the products are generally known as Music Marvel.

Many individual students, schools, home school organizations, charter schools, universities, and even libraries throughout the world have begun subscribing to the astonishing program available at www.pianomarvel.com

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