Diabetes Reversal 2014


Overcoming Diabetes Mellitus & Borderline Diabetes

By Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)

As a Behavioral Medicine Consultant to medical practices the world over and as a long time health researcher/educator I’ve seen uncountable individuals successfully reverse their diabetes by making significant adjustments to their health profile.

These adjustments included a marked change of diet (rich in grains and fresh fruits/vegetables, minimal meat) along with refraining from microwaving and absolute avoidance of GMO high fructose corn syrup and other recent offenders that have been added to the American food supply (Aspertame, etc.). Other factors that were just as important involved removal of sepsis, and clinical and subclinical infection in the body (teeth, ears, prosthetic joints), nonsurgical repair of past unhealed injuries, and oral chelation of heavy metals.

Getting high blood pressure, triglycerides, and other biomarkers back to normal without prescription drugs was another feat, for most of these drugs actually cause or exacerbate diabetes and weight gain!

Appropriate exercise and weight loss was also part of the milieu that helped many overcome their diabetes.

But the over-arching biomarker that had more to do with their ability to restore normal metabolic processes was in achieving a cellular 7.45 pH (parts hydrogen). To say the least, getting one’s cellular pH to 7.45 can be a daunting task! See the chart “Cellular pH vs Chronic Disease” to the left to get an idea of the relationship between human disease and cellular pH—it is a strong correlation! Cellular pH cannot be determined from blood pH, nor from urine, saliva, or hair, contrary to some opinions.

Only Biopsy or Video Otoscopy Biomaker Assessment currently provide the conclusiveness one needs to assess pH at the cellular level. Biopsy, needless to say, is exorbitant in cost ($8,000-12,000+) and requires the individual to actually be at the lab at the time it is assessed. Video Otoscopy, on the other hand, as taught and utilized by the author, costs practically nothing and provides an ongoing quick check method as one progresses in raising their cellular pH out of the acidosis state.

From the model above titled “The Diabetes Cascade”, one can see all the chronic conditions that occur concurrently with and/or because of diabetes. For instance, when insulin is in the bloodstream for more than a short period of time two to three times a day, it causes one to gain weight and the body’s cells to resist oxygen and glucose absorption (bringing muscle wasting—correlates with your A1C score).

Insulin is a crisis hormone and was not meant to be secreted for long periods of time. But today’s medical system would have us believe that diabetes is a deficiency in insulin—or the body’s ability to use it. In reality, this is a secondary manifestation, and has little to do with the underlying drivers of high blood sugar. Are you over 40 and don’t floss your teeth daily? Chances are that you have mild sepsis in your teeth and under the gums, and this is driving your waking (fasting) blood sugar higher. Chronic dehydration causes oxygen levels to fall while sleeping and you experience the “dawn effect” in the early hours of the morning with even higher blood sugar. A lifetime of lead accumulations in the bones, hair, and teeth— rising exponentially in the general population today— also affects one’s liver-pancreatic function and causes extra stressors on metabolism and mitochondria. Lead rarely show up in blood tests, because it is taken out of the circulating system as quickly as the liver can process it into storage elsewhere.

Enter long term diabetic medications combined with other medications (statins, hypertension, etc.) and side/interaction effects eventually become “main effects” in too many cases that might have been corrected otherwise diet and other corrective action. Granted, there will be a good number of cases where the medications are genuinely needed, at least until underlying causes are identified and addressed—if they can be. But for the majority, underlying causes are easily identified and with effort, corrected, and medication becomes less necessary.

Pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas), along with troubling digestive conditions arising therefrom (acid reflux, celiac disease, Crohn’s, IBS, to name but a few), can also mimic many of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Bone loss (osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis) results from not enough bicarbonate being secreted by an inflamed pancreas, and cancer, which loves an acid environment, arises in too many cases.

Look at the model below titled “The pH Cascade of Food to Nutrition Synthesis” and you will understand why you may be virtually starving for essential nutrients while artificially controlling what appears in aggregate as “diabetes”. The larger point is that these conditions do not occur in isolation of each other, but arise from a cascade of deteriorating functions and obstructions within the body, all cascading from the very same etiological drivers. Addressing these as separate entities does nothing to address underlying factors that advance disease!

Common trends that are driving the growing pandemic of diabetes, obesity, CVD, cancer, and related chronic diseases are:

•A genetically modified, irradiated, synthetically fortified, de-germinated, over-processed, micro-nutrient empty, microwaved diet.

•A five-fold per capita increase in intake of caffeine, high fructose & refined sugar, and harmful artificial sweeteners since 1980.

•An increasingly sedentary lifestyle in the general population; Phys Ed removed from most schools.

•As early effects progress (ie, digestive disorders, inflammatory disease, hypertension, etc.) most of the medications used for these conditions also lead to diabetes in many individuals.

•Unresolved infections and unhealed injuries that have accumulated and increasingly limit one’s function and health over time.

•Increased levels of heavy metal and environmental toxicities that weaken mitochrondrial DNA that introduce metabolic and immunological stressors that weaken your body over time.

As examples of some of the little understood (septic) infections that can spike blood sugar and appear to be diabetic when such is not the case, or may cause one who is diabetic to have uncontrollable blood sugar, the author refers readers to the graphic below titled “Tooth Sepsis, Neuropathies, Ingrown Toenails & Prosthetic Joint Infections” . These not only cause blood sugar to go out of control, but also inflammation, which contributes to other problems from depression (cortical inflammation), cardiac event (heart attack, arrhythmias), or stroke (infarct, TIAs). Timely treatment is of utmost importance!

Likewise, the back page of this monograph features another threat that requires video otoscopy for detection: Keratosis Obturans of the External Ear Canal. Keratosis predominate in the diabetic and pre-diabetic population today. Rarely are they rarely recognized, instead being confused with earwax impaction.

Meanwhile, entire cottage industries have built up around each segment of these diseases, from extra hospital ORs, a plethora of testing & treatment services, and overprescribed pharmaceuticals to marketing programs, elaborate investment schemes and millions of jobs, unwittingly discouraging the health industry and consumers from applying a plethora of research knowledge to help consumers reverse these conditions.

When was the last time you were asked to keep a journal of how much water you drink before given hypertensive medicine, or asked to change your diet so that your acid reflux or other digestive disorder was corrected? Instead, it has been a rush for medication upon medication, endless and repeated tests, and surgery upon surgery many of which can leave you weaker than before. Rarely are underlying causes addressed, or your body’s own healing ability encouraged and supported by organic nutrition and gentle treatment modalities.

To stem the tide and reduce the public health threats that are fast making Americans the sickest population among advanced nations will require a gigantic awakening of individuals and professionals relative to these trends and of the very real and effective solutions now available for you.

Look at the chart on targets below. These are the targets that speak well of a healthy body, one where you “own your health” and are free of drugs and illness. Reach these targets and watch your life get better as you healthier and happier by the day!