Seminar Calendar- September 2011


Osaka, Japan Seminar, September 4-6, 2011
Communicative Options for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired
(Details to come)
Information available toll-free (877)376-1947 Dona Scoble


International Hearing Society, September 15-17, 2011
Seminar/Workshops Topic to be announced
Boston, Massachussetts
Information available toll-free (877)376-1947 Dona Scoble


Alzheimer's Reversal Seminar & Workshop, Tuesday, September 20th 1-4pm
Eldred Senior Center, Provo, UT 84601
RSVP 719-696-8275 Dona Scoble, Education Coordinator


How to Overcome Arthritis Pain, Tuesday, September 27th, 6-8pm
SIRCLE Pain Clinic, Wellness Classroom, 1941 Lake Ave., Pueblo, CO
RSVP 719-696-8275 Dona Scoble