Chronic Disease


There Are Only Seven Underlying Causes of All Chronic disease!

By Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D.
(Behavioral Medicine)


1. Commercially Debauched Food Supply & Chronic Nutrition Deficiencies for Most Americans! This contributor heads the list of causes of today's brand of diabetes mellitus type 2 and obesity. Genetically modified foods (GMOs) comprise up to 85% of grains and vegetables, and a sizable portion of fruit. Add degerminated grain (grain from which the next generation cannot be grown) and whole grains are almost non-existent in today's supermarket. Synthetic nutrients are not much of a gap filler, either, creating pro-inflammatory cytokines that take more than they give, especially in terms of the essential amino acids that are borrowed from the most-ready sources available, the hor-

2. Polypharmacy– Over the past two decades, entire new pathologies have been created as a result of over-prescribed medication. If you want to gain weight and become diabetic, just take a lot of insulininspiring and other medications and you will become a full-blown case in no time! Here are some nuggets of wisdom relative to pharmacology: 1) most medications are actually designed for acute disease, not for chronic disease; 2) when acute medicine is applied to chronic disease, the chronic conditions become acute; 3) no one has a medication deficiency; 4) medication should be taken only long enough to correct underlying contributors and to serve as a bridge in resolving the problem; 5) opiates taken for pain longer than 10 days are preventing the body from healing; and 6) food is the best medicine there is. It is entirely arguable that overlapping side/interaction/withdrawal effects have caused more illness and early deaths in recent years than any other underlying cause. As Dr. John Abramson, M.D., so ably stated, "The pharmaceutical companies are corrupting science, misleading doctors, and threatening your health."

3. Heavy Metal Accumulations– A recent and growing underlying cause of diabetes, CVD, cancer, and neuropathies, and emotional disorders is the rising levels of stored lead (and other heavy metals, such as mercury, arsenic, cyanide, cadmium, beryllium, and formaldehyde). Students of history will tell you that, during the waves of Black Plague that wiped out about half of the world's known population during the 14th century throughout the Orient, Mediterranean, Europe, and Scandinavia was caused by the rats, fleas, or even the virus. These were just the triggers exposing a population with weakened immunology due to high levels of lead in their bodies. Everything from jewelry, hats, clothing, utensils, dinnerware and cookware, ammunition, and other everyday products had lots of it. The body stores lead more than any other heavy metal, and today with the absence of natural chelates in the food supply, young and old alike are loaded with lead deep in their tissues, bones, and hair. In the young, it causes learning disabilities and developmental delays; in the old, chronic health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, and dementias. Instead of chelating out the lead (a relatively easy and inexpensive procedure!), side-effect laden medications are prescribed, making health worse in the long run. In this authors opinion, heavy metals are driver #3 as a cause of the diabetes epidemic in the general population. Program Notes There Are Only Seven Underlying Causes of All Chronic disease! By Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)

4. Chronic Dehydration. Americans are a chronically dehydrated lot, reducing the amount of water they drink in favor of billions of dollars in caffeine drinks. The author says to anyone who truly wishes to get well from whatever ails them—diabetes, cancer, CVD, neuropathies of all kinds, arthritis, depression, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy—that they will not be able to reverse their condition until they stop their high caffeine intake. It's that bad for them. On the other hand, drinking more water (at SIRCLE we have developed a chart on how much is generally needed based on body weight and activity level) is easily one of the best ways to bring down ADH levels (lower blood pressure), rejuvenate beta cell production (as part of pancreatic hormone regulation), helps end constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux, raise cellular pH, lowers blood sugar & aids in weight loss, and improves oxygen, cell osmosis, and immunology—what a list of benefits we never hear about! Like one good physician friend of the author's said some years ago, "Water is the cheapest medicine there is. But people seem intent on spending money on medicines that just slow them down from healing in the long run!" Appropriate hydration of one's body is so critical that it lists as #4 in the author's lineup of general causes of diabetes!

5. Substances & Sensitivities- A shocking 62 million Americans are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs, and the number grows daily! They currently utilize more than 50% of total healthcare resources. The author asserts that for one overcome addictions there must also be a parallel program to rebuild one's health, so that the addictions can be conquered once and for all. It goes without saying that a diabetic who smokes or uses alcohol regularly will not reverse diabetes. Similarly, cancers will not shrink or go into remission. Without exception, all elicit drugs lead to poor health, both physically and mentally. The other subset category here is exposure to food additives, noxious chemicals, and poisons in foods and snacks. If healing is truly the goal, we should avoid these as much as possible: artificial food dyes, aspartame (and other artificial sweeteners), monosodium glutamate (MSG), flavored chips, caffeinated sodas, high sugar, poisonous food preservatives, meat with hormones and antibiotics, "pink slime" products, and microwaved foods. The reward will be good health and a long life, and undamaged mitochondria for the next generation.

6. Untreated Infection & Unhealed Injuries. Hidden bacterial, viral, protozoa, amoeba, fungus, e coli and yeast infections cause chronic disease and shorten lives. At least 70% of these infections are in the teeth, jaw, sinuses, or region of the outer and middle ear—most occur as keratosis obturans, often confused by doctors as impacted wax, when in fact these are multiple years' growth of keratin that has trapped deadly septic bacteria inside it. The author sees growing numbers of keratosis obturans in diabetics' ears wherever he goes! If you have an implanted prosthesis of any kind—artificial knees, hips, finger and toe joints, pins & rods in the spine, rotator cuff, or breast implants—and you are not using a prophylactic antibiotic therapy at least once per quarter—you can count on chronic pain and recurring infections. Infections also raise blood sugar and eventually lead to diabetes and other conditions in far too many cases!

7. Lack of Restorative Sleep. Sleep deprivation is a sure cause of chronic disease. Unless you get the sleep your body needs—without drugs— carbon dioxide levels remain high and oxygen low, and you fail to heal. The "doctor" inside you does its best work during sleep! No narcotic or neurological sedative provides restful sleep. Consequently, those who get their "sleep" the chemical route never get well. Sleep deprivation brings fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic adrenal fatigue, neurosis, and neuropathies of all kinds. Restful sleep, on the other hand, raises cellular oxygen and pH levels, avoids the "dawn effect", lowers body weight (if needed), and allows you to heal while drifting along in slumberland!