Nutritional Benefits



The following information has been taken from the writings of Mr. Shomatsu Osada, and are contained in his book entitled "The Mysteries of Vinegar". Mr. Osada is currently living in Japan, and is a Dietitian. The principals of "Life Quest International", our Citric Acid supplier, are personally acquainted with Mr. Osada. He has spent many years in research related to the value of "Citric Acid" in ones health. Please note that we have selected segments of Mr. Osada's work and present them here paraphrased. We have purposely made every effort not to make biased selections.

Mr. Osada makes all of his references to Vinegar, However, in today's society except for the occasional use of Vinegar for a dinner salad, or for cooking it is unlikely that the average person will seek the benefits of the Citric Acid Cycle by the direct consumption of Vinegar. The best source for Citric Acid is in tablet form, or in crystal form to be dissolved in water as a nutritional supplement. Our product Kikusu, if used properly, will provide the same nutritional benefits as described by Mr. Osada by his references to Vinegar.



Have you ever wondered about that magical drug,THE ELIXIR OF LIFE? Just imagine how fantastic it would be to stay youthful for ever! Unfortunately, we all know only too well that such a drug exists only in our idle dreams. But what would you say if we told you that although one cannot give you that elixir of life, we can suggest a reasonable approximation?

We happen to know of something that may make you immune to diseases, keep you beautiful, youthful, energize you whenever you feel tired and generally enhance your life! This is not a fantasy nor is it a joke! If we said that you have that magical drug in your own kitchen, you would be happily surprised to learn that it is neither expensive nor unpleasant to take.


Yes, it does sound ridiculous and we must admit that a bottle of Vinegar in the cupboard lacks a certain glamour, but if you will bear with us for a while, we will briefly explain the basis of our claim, then we shall go into more depth.

First of all, let us talk about the effect of Vinegar (Citric Acid) on FATIGUE. When you are tired, your urine tends to be acidic. If you have a litmus paper or a pH test paper you can prove this for yourself. Now after drinking Vinegar, the urine will return to its weakly alkaline state within a few hours the tired feeling will be gone. You may wonder how an acidic substance can turn urine alkaline. We will discuss this in detail later, but for the moment, we want to emphasize that the acidity of the food we eat has very little to do with the acidity of the body fluids.

What then turns urine acidic? It is the poisonous by products of respiration, especially when the oxygen supply has not been adequate. These by-products, when allowed to accumulate, cause stiffness in the muscles and result in our feeling heavy with fatigue. Vinegar (Citric Acid) aides in the breakdown of these by-products and thus can play an important role in restoring the body to its pre-fatigue state.

In order to explain how Citric Acid works, we must refer to the work of Dr. Hans Adolph Krebs, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1953 for his work on the digestive enzymes. Digestion involves the breaking down of STARCH into glucose and FAT into glycerin, fatty acids and protein. This much was known long before 1953, but it was not until then that anyone came forward with an explanation of what happens after this stage. With the sudden and rapid progress in research in the physical sciences, we have learned what is meant by "burning off" or "using up" the food we take in our bodies.

"Burning off" means producing a molecule called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) with heat as a by-product. Of course, this is an extreme simplification of what happens. Dr. Krebs' work explained the process of ATP production in detail. We do not need to know the theory in depth but it would be useful to know the basic outline.

As you can see from the "The Krebs Cycle", most of our food intake eventually becomes Citric Acid, which in turn produces cis-aconitic acid, then iso-Vinegar, then a-keto-glutaric acid, etc. (follow the arrows in the diagram). As this "chain" or "cycle" of biochemical reaction proceeds, the actual quantity of acids decreases along the chain. This decreased amount goes to the production of ATP, carbon dioxide and water. This is known as the "Citric Acid Cycle" or "Krebs Cycle".

Enzymes play a crucial role in this "cycle". If all goes well, all the reactions in the cycle will proceed smoothly and no harmful by-products will be formed. But if this cycle is interrupted for some reason, lactic acid, pyroracemic acid and other harmful by-products will start accumulating in the muscles. Physical and mental over exertion, bad eating habits and lack of vital acids in the Citric Acid Cycle can lead to formation of these harmful by-products. Muscles start feeling stiff and we are overcome by fatigue. Citric Acid, however, can help us here by supplying the necessary acids in the Citric Acid Cycle, thus enabling the partially completed cycle to go to completion and removing the harmful by products (lactic acid, pyroracemic acid, etc.), which causes fatigue.

You may appreciate now how important it is to keep this Citric Acid Cycle going smoothly. Anything that aids the cycle is the body's ally. Vinegar (Citric Acid) is one such substance. However, not everything that tastes acidic is good. Lactic acid, butyric acid, tartaric acid and oxalic acid are useless. On the other hand, the following acids are also very effective in cases of fatigue: Citric Acid, Cisa-tonic acid, Iso--vinegar, Alpha keto-glutaric acid, Succinic acid, Fumaric acid, Malic acid and Oxaloacetic acid. Blutamine acid, Acetic acid and Aspargine are also effective.

Vitamin C and Vitamin B are also important in the diet. It is interesting to note that those animals with the ability to manufacture vitamin, oxaloacetic acid and glucose within their bodies tend to be healthy throughout their lives. Human beings, apes, monkeys and guinea pigs CANNOT make vitamin C in their bodies and so must make sure of a sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin C content.

By providing the above information, we have tried to layout very simple ideas. The overall message has been, "Citric Acid is good for you, so take it". We hope you will. But we must also point out that Vinegar (Citric Acid) cannot enable you to run a thousand miles effortlessly, nor can it prevent your eventual death. There is a limit to what Vinegar (Citric Acid) can do for you. What it can do for you is to help your body work at a reasonably high efficiency. It can help keep you healthy and active throughout your life.


ARTERIOSCLEROSIS is a frightening word for most people.

It is an affliction that is difficult to reverse. This affliction is the result of too much CHOLESTEROL. Is it any wonder that almost everything that claims to be low in cholesterol has become a top seller. Millions of people have given up the luxurious taste of butter melting on toast, or the cool delight of thick cream, in order to avoid cholesterol build up.

It is sensible to be cautious about what you eat and how much you eat, but has this fear about cholesterol reached the level of hysteria? The body needs cholesterol to a certain extent. All the cells in our body need cholesterol, especially those in the brain and the central nervous system. Cholesterol is sent to wherever there is trouble in the form of adrenaline or sex hormones using our blood as a passageway.

How does arteriosclerosis , or hardening of the arteries, occur? Professor Takio Shimamoto of Japan believes that an excess secretion of adrenaline from too much worry, anger, coldness, intake of excessive cholesterol, etc., can trigger the release of quinine which then causes the cholesterol to settle on the walls of the arteries.

It is harmful to deny the body the protein and fat which are normally obtained from meat, eggs, fish, milk, etc. One needs protein to build cells and repair the body organs. Meat and eggs are high in good protein and fats, and lack of these can eventually lead to the loss of strength and elasticity of the arteries. When this happens, one becomes hemorrhage prone.

Now where does Vinegar (Citric Acid) come in? The lack of this vital acid will result in lowering of the pH balance of ones blood ( the blood will become more acidic). Think back to the comments concerning fatigue made previously. Remember the Citric Acid Cycle? Lack of those vital acids will result in ones body getting tired more easily, in that case one is more subject to irritation and stress and an excess flow of adrenaline plus quinine. By taking Vinegar (Citric Acid) every day, one may overcome these complex problems for ones body. This means you can enjoy a reasonable amount of meat, eggs, butter, etc., but we emphasize "a reasonable amount!"


We have suggested the importance of Citric Acid in alleviating fatigue. Vinegar (Citric Acid) also is important in producing adrenaline and the sex hormones which are so vital to us. Imagine a society in which everyone is healthy and bubbling with energy. We do not have the space to list all the important improvements that would exist in such a happy state, but lets point out a few.

For instance, increased efficiency at work where fewer errors will mean fewer accidents and increased productivity. This would benefit our economic lives as well as diminishing other forms of violence. When each individual's health is improved, we have a benefit that money cannot buy. The consumption of a little Citric Acid each day could put us in just that desirable state!

Turning to the past and the origin of life, where does Citric Acid come in? Vinegar (Citric Acid) played an important part in the original synthesis of living organisms. We still do not know the exact origin of life, but recently research has made some remarkable progress. There are two different theories.

Oparin, the eminent Russian scientist, claims in his book "The Origin of Life", that methane (CH4) was the initial material from which life began. The English Scholar, Professor W. G. Barnard believes that carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) were the vital starting materials. We do not yet know which one is right but we do know that methane and carbon dioxide can combine to give us the acetic acid (CH3OOH). Acetic acid is the origin of organic and fatty acids. Moreover, by combining nitrogen with acetic acid, it can form the simplest form of amino acids.


Vinegar (Citric Acid) is acidic so why does it not make the urine more acidic?

Although Vinegar (Citric Acid) is acidic, it is not this acidity that turns urine acidic, and the Citric Acid Cycle helps the body to rid itself of the harmful lactic acid in just two hours. So, while Vinegar (Citric Acid) itself is acidic, it functions to maintain the pH balance of the body fluids in the desired weak alkaline state.

Does Vinegar (Citric Acid) harm our teeth and bones?

Not at all. On the contrary, Vinegar (Citric Acid) is important in keeping our teeth and bones strong and healthy. Undoubtedly you know about Calcium and how important it is to healthy teeth and bones. In the stomach, the food consumed becomes acidic and it is passed into the small intestine. If there are not sufficient digestive juices in the stomach, the absorption of calcium into the blood stream will be jeopardized.

Because the digestive juices from the small intestine are alkaline this will cause an aggregation of calcium there. Ultimately, these calcium aggregates grow so large that they cannot pass through the walls of the intestine and thus, the body is prevented from absorbing enough calcium. Therefore it is crucial to produce enough digestive juices in the stomach.

Insufficient digestive juices can be compensated for by taking Vinegar. As one ages, the stomach becomes less efficient and produces insufficient quantities of digestive juices. This leads to the reduced absorption of calcium. This may be the reason that so many elderly people have weak and brittle bones. Also with increasing age, it becomes more and more difficult to produce an adequate amount of saliva which contains important enzymes that break starch down into sugar. Moreover, saliva contains porcine which helps prevent cataract formation in the eyes, a common old-age ailment, and helps maintain strong bones and teeth.

Can Vinegar (Citric Acid) help you lose weight?

No. Vinegar (Citric Acid) cannot make you slender but if you look around, you may notice that people who like food with an acid taste, such as green salads, tend to be slim and also healthy. The reason is that Vinegar (Citric Acid) protects one from fatigue and the illnesses that develop from fatigue. It encourages the normal function of the body's organs. It should also be noted that healthy people tend to be more active, engaging in sports and exercise, which is an important indirect connection. Taking Vinegar (Citric Acid) alone cannot shed your excess pounds.

Is Vinegar (Citric Acid) harmful to people with acid dyspepsia and/or duodenal ulcer?

The answer is NO! But an explanation of "why" is in order. Let's examine acid dyspepsia first. Did you know that there are two kinds of acid dyspepsia? There is real acid dyspepsia and there is pseudo-acid dyspepsia. The former is caused by excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach, while the latter tends to be the result of a lack of acid in the stomach. Vinegar (Citric Acid) can help in either case.


Too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach is caused by too much stress. Vinegar (Citric Acid) can relieve the symptoms of stress and thereby help alleviate acid dyspepsia. You should of course take small doses to begin with. Pseudo-acid dyspepsia is caused by the lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

When there is not enough hydrochloric acid food cannot be sterilized properly and this results in the increase of lactic acid (bad acid) in the stomach. The result is the unpleasant feeling in the stomach is mistaken as a symptom of acid dyspepsia. If this continues, butyric acid (bad acid) in the stomach will increase and it will cause foul smelling breath.

By consuming Citric Acid one can cure oneself of this ailment because it will prevent the production of excess butyric acid in the stomach. It is notable that people with pseudo-acid dyspepsia are prone to gastroptosis. Any ulcers in the stomach or in the intestines should be treated immediately. Because Vinegar (Citric Acid) acts as an antiseptic for the ulcers, it helps in their cure.